QA Resources

Standards of Practice
Dental Hygiene Standards of Practice (pdf)
Dental Hygiene Self-Initiation Standards Of Practice (pdf)
Entry-to-Practice Competencies and Standards for Canadian Dental Hygienists (pdf)
Dental Hygiene Standards of Practice for Educators (pdf)

Code of Ethics
CDHO Code of Ethics

Dental Hygiene Regulations
Dental Hygiene Act – Part VI Quality Assurance (pdf)

Quality Assurance Package
Section A. Registrants' Policies and Procedure Manual (pdf)
Section B. Quality Assurance Program (pdf)
Section C. Professional Portfolio Guide (pdf)
Section D. Self-Assessment Package (pdf)
Section E. Professional Portfolio Forms (MS Word) (pdf) (Non Microsoft rtf)
Section F. Guidelines for Continuing Competency (pdf)

Instructions for submitting your Professional Portfolio (pdf)

A PowerPoint tutorial designed to help dental hygienists complete their Professional Portfolio forms:

Professional Portfolio Forms Tutorial (PowerPoint.pps)
Note: PowerPoint Viewer is required to open or download the tutorial. If you do not have PowerPoint Viewer and would like to install it free of charge: click here.

Professional Portfolio Samples Forms 6 and 7 (PowerPoint .pps)
Professional Portfolio
F.A.Q. (PowerPoint .pps)
QA Practice Assessment Tool (pdf)

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