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The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario regulates the practice of dental hygiene in the interest of the overall health and safety of the public of Ontario.

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Jurisprudence Education Module

Welcome to the CDHO Jurisprudence Education Module



The module is divided into three components, an interactive on-line course, a self-build study guide and a final exam. The study guide, when used in conjunction with the online component, was developed to assist you in successfully completing the final exam. It is suggested that you review the guide below in its entirety prior to beginning the module. 


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Jurisprudence Quick Tips

  • If you are a new applicant, you can access the exam immediately upon payment of the application fee or at a later time by using your email address and password to log into the Self-Service Portal at As a reminder, please note that completion of the Jurisprudence Module must be successful and occur within the 12-month period immediately preceding the submission of your completed application, as per section 29. (4) 2. of Part VII – Registration of the Ontario Dental Hygiene Act, 1991 (Ontario Regulation 218/94).
  • Current registrants can access the module and exam for no fee, directly from the Self-Service Portal at
  • Review the CDHO website, particularly the section relating to Practice Guidelines and Resources.
  • Have the CDHO Registrants’ Handbook available for easy reference during the module.
  • Print your certificate upon successful completion of the module.

Jurisprudence Module Guide

  • Purpose of the Program

  • Description of the Module

  • Module Content

  • Online Examination Instructions

  • Guidelines for Appropriate Completion of the Module

  • Education Opportunities

  • Policy Issues