L'Ordre des hygienistes dentaires de l'Ontario
L'Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires de l'Ontario réglemente la pratique de l'hygiène dentaire dans l'intérêt de la santé et la sécurité globale de la population de l'Ontario.

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New Standards of Practice - Effective January 2012

Toronto | mai 01, 2011

New Dental Hygiene Standards of Practice will replace the current version on January 1, 2012 giving registrants a year to familiarize themselves with the document, self-assess their practices in relation to the new Standards and plan for continuing education during 2011 aimed at meeting standards. By January 2012 registrants are expected to verify, to themselves and within their professional portfolios, their ability to perform and apply the knowledge, skills, and judgments that meets the new Standards of Practice, as appropriate to their dental hygiene practice. The College will use these Standards to aid Committees such as Inquiries, Complaints and Reports, Discipline, and Registration to determine whether appropriate standards of practice and professional responsibilities have been maintained and identify when Specific Education and Remediation Programs might be necessary. They will also be used to guide practice assessments as part of the Quality Assurance Program. Registrants are urged to familiarize themselves with the amended Dental Hygiene Standards of Practice and look for areas of their practice that may need enhancement, seeking the learning opportunities that will prepare them for practice in 2012.

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