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    The CDHO regulates the dental hygiene profession by setting the requirements to be registered as a dental hygienist and establishing practice standards for safe, ethical care for all Ontarians through: rigorous certification; ongoing knowledge building; quality assurance activities; articulating and promoting practice standards; establishing requirements for entry-to-practice; and enforcing practice standards and professional conduct.

    What is Self-Regulation?
    Dental Hygiene in Ontario has been a self-regulating profession since December 31, 1993. “Self-regulated” means that the dental hygiene profession governs itself through the CDHO.

    College Council and Committees
    Upcoming Council meeting dates.

    The College’s governing Council includes dental hygienists who have been elected by their peers, and public members who the provincial government has appointed. The Council function, based upon the legislation, is to make decisions in the public interest. The Council also makes policy decisions to regulate the profession.

    Seven statutory committees support the regulatory process, and are made up of dental hygienists, non-Council dental hygienists, dental hygiene educators and public members: Executive; Registration; Inquiries, Complaints and Reports; Quality Assurance; Discipline; Patient Relations; and Fitness to Practice. (Our Annual Reports can be viewed here.)

    How to Make a Complaint
    If you have any questions or concern about the dental hygiene care you have received, please call 1-800-268-2346 ext. 228 (toll-free in Ontario) or 416-961-6234 or email

    Investigations and Hearings
    The CDHO will investigate all written and recorded complaints about a dental hygienist from members of the public, employers and fellow dental hygienists.

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