The mission of the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario is to regulate the practice of dental hygiene in the interest of the overall health and safety of the public of Ontario.

CDHO Registrants Reference Table of Contents

Legislation and Bylaws
  1. Regulated Health Professions Act 1991(RHPA)
  2. Dental Hygiene Act 1991 (DHA)
  3. Privacy Legislation
    1. Privacy Requirements and Policies for Health Practitioners (PHIPA)
    2. Privacy Requirements and Policies for Health Practitioners (PIPEDA)
    3. PIPEDA checklist
  4. Regulations
    1. Funding for Therapy and Counseling
    2. Part I Examinations
    3. Part II Advertising
    4. Part III Prescribed Contraindications
    5. Part III.I Records
    6. Part IV Notice of Meetings and Hearings
    7. Part IV.I Conflict of Interest
    8. Part V Professional Misconduct
    9. Part VI Quality Assurance
    10. Part VII Registration
  5. Proposed Regulations
  6. CDHO Bylaw No. 5 
Standards of Practice
  1. Dental Hygiene Standards of Practice
  2. Standards of Practice for Dental Hygiene Educators
  3. Standard for Authorization to Self-Initiate Profession-Specific Acts (effective August 1, 2013)
  4. Standard of Practice for Delegation
  5. Standard of Practice for the Use of Information
  6. CDHO Advisory: Clinical Information Practice Standard for Dental Hygiene
Registrants' Handbook
  1. Registrants' Handbook
Guidelines and Best Practices
  1. Advertising
  2. Antibiotic prophylaxis
  3. Best Practice for Initiating Dental Hygiene Care
  4. Cardiac Pacemakers
  5. Code of Ethics
  6. Conflict of Interest for CDHO Representatives
  7. Cultural Sensitivity
  8. Dental Waste
    1. Amalgam
    2. Biomedical
    3. Lead
    4. Silver
  9. Dual Practices
  10. Ethical Decision Making Model (Code of Ethics)
  11. Handbook on Sensitive Practice for Healthcare Practitioners
  12. Leaving a Practice
  13. Medical and Dental History
  14. Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation
  15. Off-Site Storage of Records
  16. Pandemic Response Plan
  17. Placement of Temporary Restorations
  18. Prevention of Sexual Abuse
  19. Professional Boundaries
  20. Professional Corporations Application Forms and Guides
    1. Guide to an Application for a Certificate of Authorization for Health Profession Corporations
    2. Guide to Renewing a Certificate of Authorization for Health Profession Corporations
    3. FAQs — Professional Corporation
  21. Providing Accessible Customer Service
  22. Recommending, Prescribing, Dispensing, Selling and Using Drugs in Practice
  23. Responsibilities of Employers
  24. Restorative Dental Hygiene
  25. Use of 'Orders'
Self Initiation
  1. Definition
  2. Amendment to the Dental Hygiene Act
  3. Standard for Authorization to Self-Initiate Profession-Specific Acts
  4. On-line course
  5. CDHO Peer Mentorship Package
  6. Self-Initiation Application Package
NEW — Quality Assurance Package (Effective January 2015)
  1. Quality Assurance Regulation and Registrants’ Policies
  2. Overview of the Quality Assurance Program
  3. Self-Assessment Tool
  4. Requirements of the QA Program and Guidelines for Continuing Competency
  5. Guide to the Online System for Managing Individual Learning (SMILE Portal)
  6. QA Practice Assessment Tool
Quality Assurance Package (Effective 2014 and earlier)
  1. Registrants' Policy and Procedures Manual
  2. Quality Assurance Program
  3. Professional Portfolio Guide
  4. Self-assessment Package
  5. Professional Portfolio Forms
  6. Guidelines for Continuing Competency
  7. Instructions for Submitting your Professional Portfolio
  8. Portfolio Form Tutorial
  9. Sample portfolio forms 6 & 7
  10. FAQ
Privacy Code
  1. Privacy Code
  1. Notepad - Prescription for Oral Health

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