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QA Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not working as a dental hygienist; do I still need to participate in the Quality Assurance Program?
Yes. If you are registered with this College you must participate in the program. This includes those who maintain a general, specialty or inactive certificate of registration. Registrants from all classes of registration are included in the selection for the Peer Review.

2. I am an RDH with the College, but am close to retirement. Can I be exempt from the Quality Assurance Program?
No. All registrants must comply with the Quality Assurance Program without exception.

3. How will I know that I have been selected to submit my Quality Assurance information to the College?

The Quality Assurance Committee has determined that participation in the QA assessment each year will be determined by a random selection based on the last digit of your six-digit registration ID number. Each year, two numbers will be randomly drawn. All registrants whose ID ends in either of those numbers will be required to participate in the program. The following year, two different groups will be randomly selected. No registrant will be selected for a second time until all registrants have had the opportunity to participate.

General notification of the selected numbers will occur via the E-Brief. Confirmation to each individual registrant will be sent by e-mail or regular mail (depending upon the preference you have indicated during your renewal) by the end of January. Your selection status will also be posted to your online profile at this time.


  •  Registrants who submitted a portfolio within the previous five (5) years. For example, for the 2016 selection, numbers 5 and 7 were selected. However, anyone who had submitted a portfolio in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015 was exempted from the 2016 selection.
  • Registrants who registered on or after July 1st, three calendar years prior to the year of the selection. For example, for the 2016 selection, those who registered on or after July 1st, 2013, were exempted from the selection.

4. Do I have to use the SMILE Portal?
Yes. From 2015 onward, all registrants are required to use the SMILE Portal to participate in the College’s Quality Assurance Program. Other portfolio managers and the old portfolio forms will no longer be accepted.

Note: For those participating in the 2016 and 2017 selections, you may upload your portfolio forms from years prior to 2015, as either a Word document (.doc), non-Microsoft rich text format document (.rtf), or a PDF file (.pdf). You will not be required or able to enter years prior to 2015 in the online learning management system itself.

5. I work as a temp, how do I complete the Practice Profile?
You will have to assess what a typical day is for you and record your answers accordingly. What services do you typically provide? What is your role in your client's process of care? What infection control protocols do you ensure for all clients? What are you recording in your client record?

6. What kind of learning activities will the Quality Assurance Committee accept?
The Committee accepts a wide range of learning activities such as seminars, journal reading, video tapes, professional activities/research, etc. There is the expectation that all learning will be based on current dental hygiene research and theory, and will be relevant to your dental hygiene practice. This will need to be documented and demonstrated in your professional portfolio. You must show the Committee that you are remaining competent through continuous learning that relates to your practice. For more information on acceptable activities, please review the Requirements of the Quality Assurance Program and Guidelines for Continuing Competency.

7. Why does my assessor want to talk to me by phone?
Your assessor will call you if s/he needs more information or clarification of your practice profile. This will give you the opportunity to add information that the Quality Assurance Committee will be looking for when they review your submission.

8. Can my employer/dentist stop an assessor from coming into their office to do an on-site practice review?

No. The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, has provisions to ensure that an assessor has access to your place of practice and your client records. The assessor is only evaluating your dental hygiene practice and not that of the dentist or other within the practice.

9. Will my employer know the results of my Quality Assurance or onsite review?

The results of your assessment will be kept confidential and will be mailed directly to you.

10. How do I request an extension in submitting my information?

Written requests for extensions are considered by the Quality Assurance Committee for extenuating circumstances such as current hospitalization, critical illness, bereavement of an immediate family member, or onerous personal hardship.

The request must be received prior to the submission deadline and must include your name and registration number, and any general information/reasons that may be pertinent and supportive of the request and would assist the Committee in making a decision. You should also make an indication of the amount of time being requested and include any supporting documentation such as a medical certificate, note or letter. All requests for extensions are reviewed by the Quality Assurance Committee and granted based on individual extenuating circumstances. Requests for exemptions are not considered.

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